Vince with the Slap Chop Remix

I’m certain you have probably already seen this, but it just wouldn’t be right not to post it here:

What’s the principal behind ‘health care reform’?

Actually it’s not a “principled fight.”

It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think that we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it.

-Thomas Sowell

Super Chuck Norris Brothers

ht: Steve!

Star Wars Spike TV Commercials

Star Wars / Macgyver opening

ht: Matt

Hipster Olympics

This rules. A couple slightly crude references:

Worthy tribute to Monty Python’s Upper Class Twit of the Year.

The DMV Auto-Repairs Center


BumpTop – Cool 3Dness, Functionally ‘Meh!’

Clearly, the Lord couldn’t wait to get to the joyful resurrection bit:

Divine humor and timing is so far ahead of us…

Happy Easter! :)

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