Monday Mark Knopfler

And Eric Clapton:

And the sweet guitar performance:

And some classical guitar:

What happened to this type of guitar?

Thursday – MuteMath Reset Live Mix

Bonus – Obsolete:

Perfect Monday Morning Video: Star Wars Tribute to John Williams

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Some super talented fella’s I knew from high school and college have reformed a musical group called Elliot. Having only listened to their single titled “The Way to Feel Alive,” I cannot write a full preview of their up-coming album, ‘Rocketships, (available for purchase November 20th, 2008)’ however – If the rest of their tunes are anything like this track, (as well as the band member’s previous musical endeavors), I can guarantee it will be a great album. 

You can download their single for free here – or just check out the band’s website at

Here, also is short promo video that fairly well previews the group:

Besides their own site, you can also find Elliot at PureVolume, YouTube,, and Facebook (also MySpace…but I just can’t bear linking to that wretched hive of scum and villainy…)

True Musical Magic

Sometimes people describe two actors having what seems like a magical connection together on screen. I think this extends into musical performance as well. Here’s a prime example as Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks perform Say Goodbye. The result here is absolutely wrenching:

Some people just have it. It seems like you just don’t see this in music too often.

Great song and great performance.