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Is this the best we can do America?

The Senate Majority Leader:

I see, it’s voluntary because we ‘voluntarily’ made it involuntary…and being fined or sent to jail for not paying taxes isn’t forceful.

That makes perfect sense.

Dr. Teresa Ghilarducci on Abolishing 401k Plans [audio]

This is a great segment from the Mark Levin show the other day because it very clearly outlines what type of thinking you get when someone doesn’t understand that the United States Constitution was set up to limit the powers of government – rather than grant powers to citizens. If you get a chance – listen to the following audio:

The remarkable aspect of the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights is that they first acknowledge that rights and power lie intrinsically in individual citizens – then the documents go about protecting those rights by creating limits and restrictions on government. Not the other way around.
[ht: Levin]

Mark Steyn on the Europeanization of America, Soft Tyranny, Free Speech, Union Votes, Taxes, Barack Obama, Plumbers, etc…

Here’s some great audio (in two segments) from an interview between Mark Steyn and Mark Levin. They cover a huge range of topics, as the post title suggests. Funny, and informative – Give it a listen:

So happy to have Mark Steyn back on the scene.