What party desires more power in the hands of the state?

One of the defining characteristics of the right politically, and the concept of freedom in general, is that power should remain as close to the individual citizen as possible.

Returning power into the hands of individuals is a core Conservative principal. Hence the common heard ideas: smaller localized government, school choice, less taxation, etc.

The Democrats in congress want to nationalize health care, nationalize the oil companies, and raise your taxes (aka. force you to pay for it) to do it. Voters need to understand that this means handing huge amounts of power over to the state.

Pure and simple.


I believe ‘Nationalize’ is the word you were looking for, Chavez…I mean Waters

Nice idea Maxine. Let’s trade free market competition for a government monopoly. That’s proven well for the people and economies of Mexico and Venezuela.

Note how she blurts out “socializin…” and then stops herself. My dear Democrat friends – that’s the mask of your party leadership slipping. Do you really want America to become a socialized state?

Do you really believe that elevating the powers of the state will do good things for this country?

Do you really think that the federal government can make better decisions about people’s lives than those individuals themselves?

Because that’s exactly what socialism is. And this is EXACTLY what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are running on.

People must begin to understand that the idea of handing more power to the state, is in direct conflict with personal liberty.

Stay tuned. Much more on this idea to come here shortly on wtc…