Democratic Majority Leader thinks the government firing CEO’s is just great, but doesn’t know the definition of socialism

This is Harry Reid on the firing of GM’s CEO:

I wish people who were pro-socialism would just come out and say it – rather than pretending that their ideas aren’t what they are. Then, at least we could have an honest debate about the merits. For whatever reason though, the whole government-can-do-everything crowd doesn’t want to acknowledge that they hold socialist philosophies. Could that be because socialist philosophy is built on the ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles – and if the American people actually realized that, they would reject them?

This interchange wins:

Reid: “Well, I don’t know what the definition of a socialist ideal is but…”

Levin: “Look it up, idiot.”

Hendrickson: “Government control of companies”

Is this the best we can do America?

The Senate Majority Leader:

I see, it’s voluntary because we ‘voluntarily’ made it involuntary…and being fined or sent to jail for not paying taxes isn’t forceful.

That makes perfect sense.

Senate Majority Leader – Connecting Fannie Mae Exec to Obama is Racism

Never-mind logic.

Might as well assume any criticism of The One is Racism. Connecting Obama with Ayers was already counted as racism…because, you know – Ayers is white…

Barney Frank deemed criticism of giving loans to people with no means of repaying them as Racism.

I’ve already written about this pathetic labeling at great length. This looser tactic is for intellectual cowards that can’t mount a good argument or maintain a rational discussion. Real thinkers actually reply to accusations with facts and information – rather than name-calling like two-year-olds.

Click image to listen (BTW -The claim of ‘no connection’ is a total lie, for the record.):

This just in – Comparing Harry Reid to Baby Jar-Jar Binks is racist.

…and agist.

Harry Reid – The Earth has a fever…

Because of Global Warming.

…and the only prescription?

Perhaps he missed the memo: Temperature Monitors Report Wide-scale Global Cooling

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