Senate Majority Leader – Connecting Fannie Mae Exec to Obama is Racism

Never-mind logic.

Might as well assume any criticism of The One is Racism. Connecting Obama with Ayers was already counted as racism…because, you know – Ayers is white…

Barney Frank deemed criticism of giving loans to people with no means of repaying them as Racism.

I’ve already written about this pathetic labeling at great length. This looser tactic is for intellectual cowards that can’t mount a good argument or maintain a rational discussion. Real thinkers actually reply to accusations with facts and information – rather than name-calling like two-year-olds.

Click image to listen (BTW -The claim of ‘no connection’ is a total lie, for the record.):

This just in – Comparing Harry Reid to Baby Jar-Jar Binks is racist.

…and agist.

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