Brilliant Pro-Life Ad

I don’t write a great deal about Abortion because, sadly – I think it’s an issue that is difficult to change peoples strong held opinions over. Mostly – the problem is that both sides argue over different things. However, I think the whole issue is actually very straightforward. Here are the two foundational arguments/questions from each side:


  • Is the fetus a child, or not?


  • Should a woman have the right to make choices over her own body?

Most arguments over these questions take place in a vacuum, and thus neither are considered together – which I believe they must be. Being Pro-Life myself, I answer both questions: Yes. However, if the first is true – then that fact necessarily trumps the second – as the woman has the right to her body obviously, but not to destroying the life of the child inside her. Plain and simple.

In my opinion, the worst Pro-Choice arguments are that a child may not have a good “Quality of life.” The problem here is that ‘Quality of Life’ is so totally subjective that it become meaningless. Furthermore – as a society, do we not look up to people who have overcome extreme hardships as exemplary? That is exactly the point of this great ad:

Something to consider.