This is what you get for going with an iPhone service provider with the word “Telegraph” in their name…


No doubt AT&T will still charge you a Quarter per MMS you send AND RECEIVE with their amazing Grab-Your-Ankles Data Plan – which does not include text (and likely not MMS, when it is available…late this summer.)

Therefore – AT&T wins their second (yes, they count as Cingular – one and the same…) Jar-Jar Award for Raising Teh SuXX0R!



Apple System Preference Icon Goes Poisonous

Of course, In true AlGore/Apple Reality-Distortion-Field fashion – they call it ‘green.’

Brainwash complete.

Online Multiplayer Gaming – InstantAction Now Supports Mac

08 Apple WWDC Keynote in 60 Seconds

All you really need to know.

Be sure to stay for the end…

Here’s a litte more information on the Love/Hate of 2.0 via Lifehacker.