Vince with the Slap Chop Remix

I’m certain you have probably already seen this, but it just wouldn’t be right not to post it here:

New Blog: Appeal to Heaven

Appeal to HeavenOver the years and months, What The Crap has gradually become more and more serious. This is perfectly acceptable, as blogs naturally evolve over time. Still – I have been meaning to create a space devoted to respectfully discussing deeper issues at greater length. Thus:

Appeal To Heaven

Appeal to Heaven will also certainly evolve over time. My initial goal is to clearly communicate conservative ideas and discuss the philosophy of liberty.

Please check it out and let me know what you think!!

PS – What The Crap will still be a place for posting random thoughts, videos, and other stuff I come across. Enjoy.


Brutal Beating?

WHOA! Watch out for that huge foam bolder!!!

Note: FYI: This is post #500 for wtc!

Rainy day workout? Dude. Seriously.

uhhhm…Prancing workout anyone?

Sorry…I guess…

“…remember to train, and not to strain…”
(Yeah, especially with that move at 3:08.)

Exit question: Why would you do this workout as opposed to just running? Rain? Seriously, you can only debase yourself so far.Once Again -> Possible workouts:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Wearing hot-pants and frolicking around like an idiot.

InstantAction Goes Public

That’s right. Anyone can now cruise on in and start playing games. Here’s the trailer video for the site: 

Sign up for your free account at

I super stoked about InstantAction. Soon there will be tons of games of all types and it will be absolutely simple to play with your friends! Let me know what you think.

Fallen Empire: Legions (Developer walkthrough)

This is a cool interview about one of the games that we will be launching on InstantAction. What’s exciting is that, since we are essentially developing a game consul system for your browser – that means that the games also can have an organic development process where the game developers can listen to the player community and roll out features live. Ultimately, I think InstantAction is going to be as revolutionary to game players, as it will be for game developers. Check it out.Not to mention, Legions just looks totally fun!