Brutal Beating?

WHOA! Watch out for that huge foam bolder!!!

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HamNation Top Gun Parody on Conservative Front-Runners

Top Gun?

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Band of Brothers

In my humble opinion, Band of Brother’s is one of the most wonderfully made World War 2 film/series out there. If you have not yet had the opportunity to view this masterpiece, be sure to check it out the next time you get a chance. Each episode starts out with several short interviews from the actual men of Easy Company that survived WW2. The series itself is well written (based on the book) and well acted. Here is the opening credits and interviews:

It is because of these men that we are able to live here today in freedom.

One-Armed Man (Play On)

You may have noticed a quote from this song in the upper left. Every once in a while the lyrics to a song perfectly describe a real phenomenon. I’m not really going to explain what this song means because that should be fairly obvious. The music video producer decided to go with a drug related theme. I, however, think the concept has a much broader application.

Oh yeah – Hard Rock Warning!

Submerged in endless (trailing off)
I watch them fade by (sigh)
Lifeless and blank-faced (paining on)
I see…
The face I use to be
They want to feel this (straining on)
They want to sense this (now)
Drunk with existence (waking me)
I’ll show you something (someone) you can feel

They search and strain and drink and stagger
They play on…but I’ll never, ever look back

Zombies staring, looking my way
Crying out for something…
They can’t fill their stomachs with enough to satisfy
The hunger growing

Needing something real

Zombies staring, looking my way
crying out for something they can’t feel
Play, on stray on, in these wicked days on
Play on and understand that in your drunken stupor you
are dying

Zombies staring, looking my way
Reaching out for something, anything
Anything to keep them numbing
Keep them plunging far from knowing…

That was Project 86, by the way.

The Real Way Star Wars Should Have Ended

I won’t give this one away – but let me just say that if this is what they had played in the theater – I would have absolutely loved the Prequels and I would completely recant anything negative I’ve ever had to say about George Lucas…

See…I told ya so!

So Much For That Problem

“…Young Fool…”

Optimus Prime – Speed Painting

Photoshop at 90 miles-an-hour.