Bear Grylls from Man Vs. Wild on Jimmy Kimmel

Bear is back…

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I have to also say that for all the “It’s not real” blow hards out there – It’s TV! Of course it’s not going to be 100% all real. I used to work filming and editing video and part of the magic is that you cut the film in a certain way to make it more interesting. Often something from later in the filming may get interlaced earlier into the final movie because it makes more sense there. Also – many times things called pick-ups are filmed later to add filler content to help carry a shows momentum. In the case of Man Vs. Wild – they probably get further along in the filming and decide that they want to teach a certain technique or include a certain situation – so they will film it later and then cut it into the show wherever it fits.

And really -How real do you want Man Vs. Wild to be? Do you want to watch Bear toss and turn through 8 hours of a freezing sleepless night?Bear Grylls

As all the accusations are flying over the show being “fake,” it seems like people are forgetting that it is still good and entertaining. Furthermore – Gryll’s stated that in the future they are going to work in the crew more and be a lot more transparent about the way the show is made.

“Re: the recent press accusations of motels and stagings in the show that have been doing the rounds, all I can say is they don’t always tell the full story, but that’s life and part of being in the public eye I guess.

The upshot is we’re determined to make all new shows more inclusive of the crew and their role. Discovery and Channel 4 will also include a disclaimer at the start of the show so there’s no confusion.”

You can read the whole deal here.

Of course they wouldn’t tell the full story…it’s the media for crying out loud.

I, for one, will continue to enjoy the show and am, frankly, glad that they are going to talk a bit more openly about the crew. Personally – I find Man vs. Wild to be highly entertaining and Bear Grylls to be a cool and funny host. What more could you want from a show?


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