“Simply an excusing to bring about socialized medicine”

Nothing has really changed. Reagan on Universal Healthcare:

You certainly won’t hear this argument on ABC’s Whitehouse Health-Care Butt-kissery.

Band of Brothers – The Pacific

Pardon me if I say, Ah Hells yes! Seriously though, Band of Brothers is one of the best tv/movies I have even seen. Here’s the trailer for The Pacific.

Beyonce’s Awesomely Crappy Lip-Sync Audio

Probably somewhat unfair – if she couldn’t really hear herself well – but still…Wow, just wow:

Clearly, the Lord couldn’t wait to get to the joyful resurrection bit:

Divine humor and timing is so far ahead of us…

Happy Easter! :)

ht: Tim

The Ultimate WhatTheCrap Billy Bob Interview

I couldn’t go on with this site without posting this:

AP has the summary quote WIN: “Bear in mind as you watch that this is the same guy whose social skills were supreme enough to land Angelina Jolie.”

ht: Sean

And now – the parody Joaquin Pheonix – Billy Bob Interview:

Great News in Iraq

Click image to watch:
Iraq - where things stand

Who loves you baby? Who’ll give you good credit? Who says you’ll regret it?

Time for old school music video: