Mid-Week Funk

No, not that kind of funk…
This is Mike Clark who once played with Herbie Hancock – as well as the likes of Chet Baker, Vince Guaraldi, Fred Wesley, Les Claypool, and Charlie Hunter. I am not the hugest fan of hit Bass Drum sound – but his beats are fantastic.


MUTEMATH – Light Drums

For the album that may come out some day…

Wednesday Morning Buddy

Can you say – Dexterity? …Sheesh.

Neil Peart – Mildly Impressive – Buddy Rich Memeorial

Phatt Beatz.

Here’s the man (Buddy) himself:

Wednesday Morning Buddy

No comment really necessary…

The Moeller Technique

It has been an obscene amount of time since the last post about drumming on WhatTheCrap. What was I thinking?

Jerry Seinfeld Dave Weckl and Derrick Pope clearly explain the Moeller Technique (aka. The Moeller Whip), one of my favorite stick techniques. It takes a bit of practicing to be able to pull off and keep time – but once you get the hang of it, the motion becomes very natural. I believe that it also may lesson some of the carpel tunnel effect generated from finger and wrist controlled sticking. This is another great exercise to work on in an apartment with a practice pad.

Gotta love the Coors Light T-Shirt.  His explanation is about as clear as they come though. 

Tim Jackson – NonStop

I noticed today that there has been a surprising lull in drum content on What The Crap. Shame…

Maybe this will get us going again:

The one handed stuff…Hot!!!