Biology 101 FAIL

Hey moron that made this, take a Biology class. Animals adapt.

Exit Question: Global Waming WIN?!??:


2 Responses to “Biology 101 FAIL”

  1. Dave Says:

    Wow, there was smoke coming from the stack of that factory even though the entire planet had died off. More importantly, I wonder how the polar bears survived the last three interglacial tropical periods, considering their apparent habit of throwing themselves off cliffs whenever the ice grows small.

  2. andrewmcd Says:

    Most people think it is up to the governments to stop the progress of climate change. In one hand they are correct but on the other hand it is up to themselves to help the planet and our civilization. If we don’t do it singly then we will fail our future children and grandchildren who will have the unknown forced upon them. Governments and energy companies have started the ball rolling. We are seeing a large increase in renewable energy sources here in the UK. My local energy supplier “Welsh Gas” has been taken over by a larger firm SSE who specialize in creating hydro electricity. If we all work as one we will be able to make a difference. The question is how much of a difference can we make.

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