Teh Fr33 M0ni3$ 4 3vry1

I took some screenshots of some fairly disgusting Facebook ads. All go to some freeloading douchenozzel’s website where he tries to sell you on how to get ‘free money from the government’. So let’s analyze them briefly:

Free Government Money

I guess applying for ‘free’ grant money can be called a job… But then again – the grant payouts come from taxes taken from people who actually do real work. So congrats for being a leech on society, lazy suckling welfare scumbag.

How Much Do They Owe You?I just got $12,000 from ObamaGet Your Stimulus Check

Yeah, ‘From Obama’ = Redistributed from actual hard working American Taxpayers (aka. producers)

Your Government Bailout

‘Giving Away’ = Paying you cash…from your own credit card. I’m surprised there’s no mention of Nigerian Kings…

I guess these ads have their worshipers target audience down though running on Facbook…


One Response to “Teh Fr33 M0ni3$ 4 3vry1”

  1. Dan Mosqueda Says:

    I’m amazed at these ads. Many feature news anchors with corporate logos and all. Is that even legal? I wish FNC would sue these morons for using their anchors and logos.

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