Brilliant Pro-Life Ad

I don’t write a great deal about Abortion because, sadly – I think it’s an issue that is difficult to change peoples strong held opinions over. Mostly – the problem is that both sides argue over different things. However, I think the whole issue is actually very straightforward. Here are the two foundational arguments/questions from each side:


  • Is the fetus a child, or not?


  • Should a woman have the right to make choices over her own body?

Most arguments over these questions take place in a vacuum, and thus neither are considered together – which I believe they must be. Being Pro-Life myself, I answer both questions: Yes. However, if the first is true – then that fact necessarily trumps the second – as the woman has the right to her body obviously, but not to destroying the life of the child inside her. Plain and simple.

In my opinion, the worst Pro-Choice arguments are that a child may not have a good “Quality of life.” The problem here is that ‘Quality of Life’ is so totally subjective that it become meaningless. Furthermore – as a society, do we not look up to people who have overcome extreme hardships as exemplary? That is exactly the point of this great ad:

Something to consider.


4 Responses to “Brilliant Pro-Life Ad”

  1. Neil Says:

    Well said. If abortion kills an innocent human being — and scientifically speaking it most certainly does — then 99% of the reasons behind it don’t rise to the level of adequate justification (the exception being for the life of the mother).

    I find it sad but amusing that those who cling so tenaciously to a science-only worldview get very philosophical when it comes to rationalizing abortion. They can’t deny the scientific evidence (go see any embryology textbook or ultrasound) so they shift to philosophical “personhood” arguments. Those fail as well on logical and evidential grounds, but most people don’t realize their inconsistency.

  2. Steve Says:

    Hey Andrew, good stuff. I especially like how you present this kind of controversial stuff. It’s always very well thought out and well done.

    Although our former president George W. Bush isn’t very quotable (except for the “Bush-isms”; but I really do respect the man and he has never received the credit he is due imho), I do have a quote from him that is right on the money. “Biology confirms that from the start, each unborn child is a separate individual with his or her own genetic code.”

    Also from the biology camp, “life” is defined by biologist as anything capable of the 5 following criteria, and an embryo fulfills all 5:

    – The ADULT form of the organism in question must be able to reproduce- 2 four year olds can’t have a child, but after full development they can, and four year olds are alive, aren’t they?
    – Consume resources- obviously. wouldn’t need the mother in the first place if not.
    – Grow and develop- another obvious one.
    – Composed of cells- fulfilled even before conception.
    – Respond to stimulus- hormones released by the mother cause changes in the embryo, thereby fulfilling this criteria.

    As you can see, according to biologists embryos fulfill all 5 criteria for life.

  3. rubyeliot Says:

    thanks for your post.

    i think its really ironic, that as of Obama’s first three days in presidency: foreign terrorists have more rights than unborn children (domestic and international).


  4. rubyeliot Says:

    oh steve, i just read your comment. it makes me so crazy. i don’t think this issue should be so divisive. it’s seems so obvious!

    like i’m living in the mad-hatters house and he’s demanding that i call an apple an orange because he likes oranges more than apples.

    it’s so sad.

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