More Opposition to Anthropomorphic Global Warming

Again, just more opinions to consider when your local news talks about global warming, CO2 emissions, or carbon credits, as if global warming is a definite fact.  This time they come from the founder of The Weather Channel, John Coleman. Note that he considers himself an environmentalist, as I do, though I have many serious doubts about the reality of man-caused global warming (aka. global climate change):


4 Responses to “More Opposition to Anthropomorphic Global Warming”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I would like to make a comment about one of John Coleman’s arguments against anthropomorphic climate change. Today I read an article that was posted on the MSN website which gave a brief overview of John Coleman’s arguments, one of which was the statement that, as Carbon Dioxide is a compound which is essential to the sustenance of living organisms, it is incapable of causing great harm. I just wanted to note that this argument is extremely invalid as there have been numerous cases in which Hydrogen Dioxide, a compound which is indubitably necessary for human life, has caused death due to it’s consumption in proportions which destabilize the dynamic equilibrium of the human organism. I hope that John Coleman is either already aware, or will be so quite promptly, of the invalidity of his argument based on the fact that although certain compounds are fundamental for maintaining the functionality of living creatures, they are also fatal when consumed in unnecessarily high proportions.

    • Randy Says:

      Your argument is rediculous. Fatal CO2 poisioning occurs at levels of 20% of total atmosphere. Current CO2 levels are 388 PPM, yes that is parts per million.

      So CO2 would have to rise 51,000,000 times to approach this level. Sorry, AGW or Man Made Gloabal Warming is a hoax plain and simple. Sorry, there is just not enough sources of CO2 that could get us to those levels unless it was volcanic and even then the calamity caoused by eruptions of that magnitude would be fatal, not because of the CO@ but the other gases asscoiate with eruptions .

      There have been periods where the earth has had very diferent atomosphers and through it all it has survived. The arrogance of the hoaxers in believing they can control the outcome is ludicrous.

      For the promoters of –

      HR 2454 -American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009 –

      They can only spell doomsday outcomes to get the American public to buy off on a MASSIVE GLOABAL WARMING TAX. Which is nothing more that a last ditch desperate attemtp to stave off the collapse of the socialistic programs begun under Roosevelt.

      Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are fiancial ponzi scams rushing towards collapse. Thye are desparately trying to find a funding sources to prevent this and the American People are just not that stupid. They are trying to substitute a massive tax that is completetely stealth – you never get notice of the true costs, the problem is that it will destroy the world economy,not just the U.S. economy.

      Stop the Massive Global Warming Tax – All based on a hoax.

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  3. fred Says:

    my understanding is that approx 3-5 billion years ago the atmosphere was anaerobic, or predominately anaerobic. so if we can just get the CO2 to 90-95% and the o2 down to 10, 5, less than 1%, we’ll be back where we started. so there would be life, just as there was anaerobic based life way back then. whats the big deal? shoot, the temp has EITHER been waming or cooling since day one, about 5 bil years ago. given a choice, which we dont have, i would vote for warming as opposed to the alternative. in the extremes of the 2 temps you really dont want to be around during the cooling side of that equation. why is everyone so friggin upset. i honestly can NOT understand why. there is no way the temp is static. obviously. so we better be thanking our lucky stars we’re headed in the “right” direction. good lord what a bunch of idiots. if we can contribute, antropomorphically, all the better.

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