Sharpton AGAINST Card Check?!?

Nice to agree once in a while.

Ed Morrissey warps this up:

I’ve argued before that coercion works both ways with Card Check.  Obviously, unions can coerce workers into signing cards, but employers can coerce workers to keep them from signing cards as well, and take retributive action if they do.  The secret ballot protects workers, and it’s worth noting that employers are the ones wanting that protection to stay in place, while unions want workers exposed to this kind of exploitation and abuse.  That speaks volumes about which side wants to use coercive tactics.

The civil-rights aspect of this shouldn’t get minimized, either.  The movement fought to get black citizens the right to vote through casting secret ballots.  Can anyone imagine what would have happened to the civil-rights movement if states had gone to a Card Check system instead?

Earlier, even George McGovern came out against Card Check:

In my view, unions were created to benefit workers – not the unions themselves. If workers wish to organize – they should be able to do so freely, and likewise they should be free not to organize without coercion either way.


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