Global Warming Update – OH NOOOEEEEESSSSSS!!!


Uh Oh – somebody phone Al Gore!!!

[ht – CS]


One Response to “Global Warming Update – OH NOOOEEEEESSSSSS!!!”

  1. atomcat Says:

    Yeah – well -geez – you know- like the cold weather is a SIGN of GLOBAL WARMING.

    I didn’t get laid last night and I’m blaming that on global warming too.

    I didn’t stop at the stop sign yesterday – global warming.

    Al Gore is an asshole – global warming

    See life is easy when you believe!

    I’m going to put the temp map on my blog – give you credit of course.

    I have to take another shot at David Suzuki – our Al Gore of the Great White North.
    CBC is going to air another Suzuki tells it like it is Global Warming Love In.

    We’ve been beating up on his wind turbines so it’s time he came out and reassured the masses that wind farms are good – global warming is real and we should all smile as we pay our carbon taxes.
    Enjoy every day – they are going to get interesting from here on.

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