I forgot why I don’t listen to NPR…

Driving home, some moron commentator on NPR was wondering what happened to the Republican party over history, and if they would look back and wonder why the first black President was a Democrat. He went on to add that he couldn’t understand why, for some reason, Republican’s abandoned the issue of color…

Abandoned color? Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, and Condoleezza Rice just don’t count…I don’t know – I guess cause they’re conservative.

Perhaps the reason the Republicans weren’t the first ones to elect an African American was because the candidates skin-color had nothing to do with whether or not they should or should not be elected. Plus, isn’t abandoning the issue of color what true racial acceptance is all about?

Of course the host of the show couldn’t muster the basic intellectual fortitude to point out these rather obvious objections.

My reason for voting was 100% about which candidate most closely held my values as a leader for America. Whether or not that person was black, white, man, woman, old, young, catholic, protestant, mormon, muslim, whatever…was. not. a. factor. I happen to believe that voting for someone – simply because of their race, is exactly the same racism as voting against someone because of their race (coincidentally – this is why I oppose ludicrous notions like affirmative action.). Voting for a president is about selecting the best person for a job – not making some statement or point about race.

If that’s considered “abandoning color” – than so be it.


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