CNN’s Rick Snachez is a Moron

Listen to this idiot. It’s like he can’t believe someone wouldn’t want to take money from someone else if they could…

“It’s called principals!”

For what it’s worth – this is emblematic of the drooling pathetic disgraceful excuse for media in this country. 

We now know more about some random guy who happened to ask Obama a real question, than Obama himself who’s running for president – thanks (or no thanks) to the media. 

It’s contemptible!


2 Responses to “CNN’s Rick Snachez is a Moron”

  1. candido Says:

    Rick and Joe have valid points. I dont think hes an idiot.

  2. Schaffer Says:

    Even his peers, if you listen closely enough to them, regard Rick Sanchez as a well-intentioned, bumbling idiot. He is the ultimate in fluff, doofus journalism and should be summarily disregarded. His stock, for some reason however, is rising, and he has massive avenues for public communication granted by sadistic big-wigs who want to subject us to his stupidity.

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