The Pretty Words Don’t Matter – It’s Still Marxism

Two questions:

  1. Do you think the left and Senator Obama are bringing something shiny and new to the table that will ‘fix’ everything this year?
  2. What would that be?

…Oh, it’s just Marxism…


Look – I’m not all that super stoked about John McCain, but there is one thing I do know: he doesn’t try to repackage something like Marxism, that has failed repeatedly throughout history – and sell it to the American Public under nicer, prettier sounding rhetoric.

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6 Responses to “The Pretty Words Don’t Matter – It’s Still Marxism”

  1. expatforobama Says:

    Marxism? That’s a stretch!

  2. expatforobama Says:

    after 8 years of fascism, marxism will be a vacation (-:

  3. whatthecrap? Says:

    If you really believe that, I would imagine that you have a very loose definition of Fascism, expat.

    Prior to WW2, and the Holocaust – Fascism was considered a progressive social movement and actually looked upon fairly highly by many on the left. The main reason that fascism is no longer looked at that way is because of the outcome of Nazi fascism, as well as propaganda from Stalin’s Communist Russia.

    Fascism is essentially total state control. If anything, conservatives are diametrically opposed to this idea – instead valuing personal liberty and responsibility. Collectivism, Marxism, and big government solutions to problems – are the opposite of individuality – and the underlying philosophies behind the “progressive movement.”

    It is inevitable that somehow this will be read as comparing liberals to nazis – which is absolutely not what I am trying to say here. Rather – when people toss around the word ‘fascism’ willy nilly without understanding it’s roots, what it means, and that it is fundamentally the opposite of conservative limited government ideas – it becomes a worthless and meaningless word.

    In reality – marxism is a slow road toward fascism – as you create more and more government power over individual lives – gradually handing more personal responsibilities over to the government. Obviously – it won’t happen overnight – or even with the next president’s administration, whoever that is. But people hand over liberty and expand government power willingly when it comes packaged in nice sounding ideas like: the elderly, the children, the environment, healthcare for all, houses for all, etc.

  4. LOL of the day: Low Effort Wealth Spread « What The Crap? - Says:

    […] can’t believe it’s not Marxism! HAHA! Photo credit Posted in Factual Crap, Funny Crap, Phatty McTight Crap. […]

  5. expatforobama Says:

    well, whatthecrap, I beg to differ with you. I think what Bush/cheney were up to was closer to Fascist state than I felt comfortable. Nationalism was out of control. If you criticized them Ie Dixie Chicks, Bill Maher, etc, t\you were punished or ostracized. Human Rights were right out of the window.\, torture and what not. ANd in this Nationalistic / patriotic frenzy the people were given scapegoats like the liberals and ALLMuslims / Islam or anyone who disagreed like the French (remeber Freedom fries GEEZ!), social spending was cut as per conservative values, but Milir\tary speding was off the chart! Why? To make the Army the most powerful in the world (hmm, smells like Hitler, looks like hitler…anyway) it goes on…The media was totally controlled (embedded: remember the farce during the good ol shock and awe days) and very few reporters questioned the righteousness of what the Bush Admin was doing. The press dropped the ball BIG TIME!!National security was (and if it weren’t for this economic downturn) would still be the number 1 issue, insuring that warmongering McCain would win. God and country are almost one now. Bush actually said that God was included in his decision making. Geez all we need is Sarah now…and the list goes on. If it smeels like fascism, etc

  6. whatthecrap? Says:

    Thanks for taking the time and explaining your thoughts expatforobama. I am not going dig through all of that because a) it’s a little off the post topic, b) I’m not likely to change your mind, and c) I hate it when people do the line by line sort of stuff anyway. Furthermore – I can see that we probably differ on much more foundational issues – so arguing over surface stuff like whether or not McCain is a warmonger – or whether the media gave the Bush Admin a pass, of if average people really demonize all Muslims…would be mostly futile.

    Rather – I would ask a few more fundamental questions like:
    -What priority and value do you give individual personal Liberty? What about individual and personal responsibility?
    -Do you feel that human nature assumes a selfish position, or a selfless position?
    -What do you think is the role of Government?
    -By whom are we given Rights?
    -Do you value private property?
    -Do you agree/disagree with the core principals of Marxism/Socialism? …Capitalism?
    -Do you view guns as weapons for killing, or tools for protecting and saving life?
    -Do you ever feel that War is just (such as a necessary evil)?
    -Would you consider America a good country?
    -How do you define ‘Nationalism’?
    -How do you define the ‘American Dream’?
    -As far as sources that influence your world view – Are you familiar with Howard Zinn, Naomi Wolf (I mention her because most of the positions you mention above sound exactly like points from Wolf’s book – “The End of America”), Keith Olbermann, and/or Arianna Huffington?

    Are you also familiar with, or have ever read any Mark Steyn, Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Yon, Jonah Goldberg, or Dennis Prager?

    Perhaps a new post should be created just to discuss these issues…

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