Happy Halloween – Come in, and we’ll kill you.

HA! Turks picked this up from the Consumerist.

We’re trying to figure out who this inflatable crime scene is meant for. With its puffy cuteness, built in lights, and “castle” style walls, it looks like it would be a perfect entrance to a backyard Halloween party for kids. But with its “crime scene noises” and someone-is-being-murdered vibe, it seems more appropriate at a celebration for short police academy graduates. Either way, it can be yours for $125 and a relinquishing of any sense of good taste.

No kidding – what a deal. Only at Walmart.

Only a matter of time until the Burning In Hell Bouncy Castle:

Complete with Smoke Machine wafting sulfurous vapors in your face.


One Response to “Happy Halloween – Come in, and we’ll kill you.”

  1. Liz Says:

    Doesn’t Wal-Mart refuse to cell CDs with certain profane or vulgar language, or something like that? And somehow, this is better? O-Kaaaay..

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