Photo I took in college jacked for backdrop in The Daily Show

I built a website for the house I lived in during college and took a bunch of photos for the tour section of the page. Somehow – one ended up as a backdrop in The Daily Show the other day… It’s about 3:30 into the clip.

If you go to the AO House Tour and scroll down to living spaces (click the image below):

How many billions of TV room pictures do you think there are on the Internet?

What the crap? Comedy Central – ever head of I think royalty free picks on there are about 2 bucks…

Update: Clearly they just ran a google image search for: ‘TV Room.’

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12 Responses to “Photo I took in college jacked for backdrop in The Daily Show”

  1. Tim Says:

    Personally, I think they should have gone with ‘Second Floor TV Room’

  2. Sean Sullivan Says:

    Dude that’s crazy! You should demand a credit!

  3. [Snapped Shot] One Living Room, Served Up to Millions | Old Dominion Blog Alliance Says:

    […] know about you, but if an old picture of my living room were to end up on a national TV show, I’d be pretty enthused about it. Way to go, WTC! (You’re on the very first page of Google Image Search results, incidentally. […]

  4. dave merwin Says:

    That is lame. You should contact them. SHAME on them… they can go to istock and get something cheap, not steal from somewhere. Lame, Lame, Lame

  5. Tim Says:

    I saw this today and was going to call you. While it’s sweet AO’s living room ended up on national TV, their use of the photo is completely illegal. I would at least email or call them to ask what’s up…I know of photographers that have sued and won for smaller infringements.

  6. YuppiePunk Says:

    Sure, it’s kind of unprofessional of them to steal a photo like that, but seriously, it’s also pretty awesome, particularly since it’s “The Daily Show” and not something crummy. Plus, you have a super cool story to tell now. And what’s to be pissed off about really since you don’t seem to have been harmed in any way. Should they have contacted you and asked for permission? Sure, but still, this way it makes for a better story. “Photo I took in college borrowed legally for backdrop in The Daily Show” sounds a lot less cool.

  7. derekryanbrown Says:

    Good thing they didn’t use a pic before the main floor was remodeled. That room used to be a dump. They also would have had to photoshop out the daily Mario Cart sessions and Matt Schneider’s all-day Nascar watching marathons.

  8. fair use? Says:

    This possibly qualifies as fair use, I think…

    “Fair use is a legal concept which allows copyrighted work to be published in a different context without first getting the copyright holder’s permission.”

    Regardless, I think it’s hilarious. I’d be thrilled to have my stuff stolen by The Daily Show :-)

  9. anon Says:

    look at it this way… you can now put “featured on the daily show” on your resume

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