Photos of Obama’s Temple – UPDATE: VIDEO TOUR ADDED

I feel like I have to say this a lot this political season: This is not a joke. (well, it should be a joke…but it’s not) Click the images to view Full Size:

If the temple was in honor of the Denver Broncos…I guess I could handle that… 

Best comment from AOS: Rats. I was hoping they’d hire the same artist who did Stonehenge for Spinal Tap.

(content warning – couple of F bombs…)

The following also applies:

Ed Morressey has the connection:

The parallels are interesting, at least. Obama wants to treat us the way Apollo treated the Enterprise crew — as children who need do nothing but gather food and worship him. He promises them peace, tranquility, and happiness, as long as they agree to become his servants and relinquish their free will. In the end, Kirk and his crew destroy his power source and send him off to his fellow demigods in bitterness rather than allow themselves to become enslaved to Apollo.

UPDATE: Here’s the video tour of Obama’s Temple (the commentary from SeeSwan is pretty dang entertaining):


5 Responses to “Photos of Obama’s Temple – UPDATE: VIDEO TOUR ADDED”

  1. Dennis Cook Says:

    Who the Hell does Barack Obama think he is? This guy is so full of himself. I’m starting to believe that all this crap is going to backfire on Mr Hope and Change and we may actually end up with President McCain.

  2. Obama as god « Moral Midnight Says:

    […] as god I just found this post at, courtesy of whatthecrap: The parallels are interesting, at least. Obama wants to treat us the way Apollo treated the […]

  3. GOP solves all our problems. Moves on to complaining about Mile High Stadium. « Illinois Reason Says:

    […] that the stage for Sen. Obama’s speech looks like some kind of “Greek temple.” Many GOP fans have quickly followed suit with their own variations of faux outrage; as has their standard bearer (you decide whether their […]

  4. Rob Says:

    Save the women and children!!!

    Get a grip guys. You’re looking at photos of a half-built stage and going bananas.

    And it’s not like the Republicans have never stood in front of a temple while speechifying themselves, let alone making a convention stage that actually does look like a temple. Just needed some candles for that one from 2004. (I know, I know. It was so long ago… very easy to forget about the 2004 RNC pulpit while running around calling kettles black.)

  5. Matt Thomas Says:


    Republicans who are mocking Obama’s appearance haven’t mentioned it, but George W. Bush accepted his own nomination in 2004 on a set with a similar neoclassical theme, with columns rising on either side of him, as the pictures above and below show.

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