Kite Surfer vs Tropical Storm Fay

Update: Apparently the guy is in critical condition. Hopefully he will be alright.

5 Responses to “Kite Surfer vs Tropical Storm Fay”

  1. Sean Sullivan Says:

    Why wouldn’t he just let go?

  2. MirCat Says:

    Sean, dude was prolly in shock. When being thrown the natural instinct is to grab on to something.

    – The Cat

  3. Brian Says:

    As an avid kite boarder, you can’t just let go, the bar is hooked to a harness on your belt, while there is an emergency breakaway — the velocity at which the accident occurs — you instinctively think you can control it and the 3 seconds later — you hit a brick wall…..

  4. whatthecrap? Says:

    I can totally see that. When I first tried water skiing I had to learn to let go if I ate it – which doesn’t seem to make sense, but your natural inclination is to grip harder onto something when you get out of control.

    Being harnessed in would make it even tougher since it’s a split second decision, I imagine.

  5. nwkiter Says:

    the power that comes through these kites is so big that it takes a wide harness, securely strapped to the rider to spread the load on the rider(otherwise a quick pull even less strong than this kiter got caught in could easily break your back…no building needed). So, hter has to be a quick and dependable system for releasing the kite. AND there has to be cuircumstances that allow release of the kite. this rider had only one ‘safe’ moment to release the kite and it is a kiters instinct to TRY to maintain control. If you are wrong in your assessment, then winds like this leave no time and few second chances to think or do. Once he got bounced all bets were off. I have had to release a kite and it is not an easy decision to make. One should stay out of winds that are faster than one can think straight. Without commitment and a level of fear mastery you do not master kite control. With that mastery can also come self deception and nature wins if you want to go that far. Sad and hard way to get humbled.

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