Rare Adam Gadahn Meltdown Over AQI’s Red-cheek Butt-whipping in Iraq

Recent Coalition success in Iraq spurs off the rails tantrum from former American, now Al-Qaeda mouthpiece Adam Gadahn:

Transcript Follows:


“We got our a** totally kicked. We couldn’t do diddly poo offensively. We couldn’t radicalize the locals, we couldn’t run the provinces, we didn’t try to run the provinces, couldn’t terrorize Mosul, we sucked.”

“That was a disgraceful performance, in my opinion. We threw Baghdad in the toilet, we gave it away by doing that. We gave um the freaking country. In my opinion, that sucked.” 

“We couldn’t stop the coalition. Every time we entered a province, we got dominated. We got our a** totally kicked in Al-Anbar. That’s what it boiled down to.”

“Holy crap! I don’t who the hell we think we are when we do something like that. Unbelievable – five turnovers. One of them for..we’ve thrown 4 provinces for coalition turnovers this year. That might be an AQI record.” 

“It was a horse sh** performance in Baqubah, horse sh**.”

“That’s pitiful, I mean, it’s absolutely pitiful. To preform like that — Pitiful.”

“It sucked, it stunk.”

“Resurgence?!? Don’t talk about resurgence! You kidding me? Resurgence? I just hope we can nab someone’s lunch money.”



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