Lost Amazon tribe, or environmental publicity stunt?


And the winner is….Stunt!

The man behind photos of warriors from an “undiscovered” Amazon tribe that were beamed around the world has admitted it was a publicity stunt aimed at raising awareness of logging.

Indigenous tribes expert, José Carlos Meirelles, said the tribe had been known of since 1910, and had been photographed to prove that they still existed in an area endangered by logging, The Guardian reported

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I find stunts (of any nature), with the intention of getting government action on certain agendas to be totally destructive to any groups credibility. If logging is such a huge problem, you shouldn’t need a stunt to get people to notice. What ends up happening is that the public become irrationally worried over certain issues and real practical discussion ends. This becomes particularly dangerous when it starts effecting public policy, which seems to be to goal of these stunts from the outset.  It is my opinion that the ‘Green’ movement is a star example of this.

With that in mind, consider the following Wired article about the ’10 GREEN HERESIES’ (I’ll link to each item):

  1.  Live in Cities: Urban Living Is Kinder to the Planet Than the Suburban Lifestyle
  2.  A/C Is OK: Air-Conditioning Actually Emits Less C02 Than Heating
  3. Organics Are Not the Answer: Surprise! Conventional Agriculture Can Be Easier on the Planet
  4. Farm the Forests: Old-Growth Forests Can Actually Contribute to Global Warming
  5. China Is the Solution: The People’s Republic Leads the Way in Alternative-Energy Hardware
  6. Accept Genetic Engineering: Superefficient Frankencrops Could Put a Real Dent in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  7. Carbon Trading Doesn’t Work: Carbon Credits Were a Great Idea, But the Benefits Are Illusory
  8. Embrace Nuclear Power: Face It. Nukes Are the Most Climate-Friendly Industrial-Scale Form of Energy
  9. Used Cars — Not Hybrids: Don’t Buy That New Prius! Test-Drive a Used Car Instead
  10. Prepare for the Worst: Climate Change Is Inevitable. Get Used to It

In my opinion, there are many legitimate environmental concerns that are being obscured by activism. We need a more honest and practical approach to these issues. This means conducting a rational debate over the issues, not publicity stunts.

Or do you agree with Al Gore that, “the debate is over?”

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    […] “we have ten years to save the planet,” and if you dare doubt or ask questions, or if you aren’t willing to lie to serve the cause — well…you’re basically an evil scum-bag who likely receives money from […]

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