UPDATED: About the Crap

I just updated the “About the Crap” section. Here is the intro, but please feel free to take a pass at the whole thing:


What the Crap has evolved a great deal from it’s first creation. You can see this best yourself if you stroll through the archives. Originally, I planned on posting a balance of serious items and humorous items. The scales have shifted a little bit in the serious direction – mainly because I feel like there is a wealth of interesting topics to discuss that just don’t really get enough clarity. In fact – one of the principals I have come to adopt (props to Dennis Prager) is the concept that clarity is of much higher value than agreement.

I don’t at all mind someone holding a different opinion than mine over some issue. Instead, it is much more helpful to try to understand why someone holds a different viewpoint. (Here’s a silly example: it’s like those lower back tattoos on girls – I don’t so much care that someone has one, but I would like to know – why the crap did they get a tattoo there?) If you leave a comment on this blog, please keep that in mind.

Another thing – in the past, I realize that I have come down on certain groups or persons with somewhat over-the-top harshness. For this, I apologize, as I know it works counter to a somewhat light-hearted and friendly environment which I would hope to encourage on WTC. I don’t take any joy in offending people. 

Finally, I believe it is important to know a little about the author of a book you are reading – and I believe that can also be true for blogs. Therefore – the following is a little bit of information about myself so that you can get an idea of what has, at least in some ways, shaped my viewpoint.

Let’s start with some of the least important items and work down to things that are more meaningful. 

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