SteynQuote: Will the Oceans Recede Because You Elect Barack Obama?

MS: I loved that line about this will be the moment when the rising oceans begin to subside (laughing)

HH: (laughing)

MS: You know, you mentioned this windowless basement I’m in.

HH: Yes.

MS: There’s no link with the outside world except a clock, which is stuck at 8:00. and that’s government bureaucracy for you. You know, in British Columbia, it claims to be able to eradicate hate, but it can’t get someone in to restart the clock. And it will be the same with the Barack Obama presidency. He can make the oceans (laughing)…

HH: (laughing)

MS: …he can make the oceans subside, but will he be able to improve border security? I doubt it.

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2 Responses to “SteynQuote: Will the Oceans Recede Because You Elect Barack Obama?”

  1. Another Global Warming success? | Global Toad News Says:

    […] bubble around the sun that protects the earth from harmful radiation, they will fix the ozone hole, cause rising waters to recede, and so […]

  2. Chippy Fiftyfiv Says:

    Technically, the exact opposite of what Hussein “I’m Not Muslim” Obama stated would happen, occurred in Japan when thousands of people suddenly exclaimed, “Hory mackarel!”, unless you want to get Clintonian, and define what a tsunami IS, and then it actually did get sucked back out to sea, and so the water level did recede. Carrying several million pieces of broken mercury-filled Hussein “I-Replaced-Edisons-With-Curly-Qs” Obama. So 1 point to Moot, and still zero for someone who would bother uttering it in the first place, and forfeit 2 points for causing the Man Who Defeated Dark to roll over in his grave in West Orange, New Jersey, his peaceful slumber disturbed by Hussein “I Will Close The Coal Mines Down” Obama, another utterance whose intended result, technically, is to cause brownouts due to lack of coal, and in some cases blackouts, justifiably labeling him The Man Who Defeated Edison.

    NEWS BULLETIN – Vatican City, April 4, 2011 The Pope has issued an emergency declaration for all citizens in close proximity to the ex-Speaker to maintain clearance of minimum, 5,000 yards as the radioactive cloud was picked up on Karma Viper Radar and appears to be headed straight for … wherever she is standing. Ditto radioactive bolts out of the blue. The toll remains at 63. Liberal Democrats. Ex-House members. Thanks, God.

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