“She wasn’t the only one crying…There was a whole lot of white people crying.”

Another white racist jack-hole pops up at Obama’s former church.

Do I believe that Sen. Obama agrees with this idiot? No. But I bet I can write the press release:

Obama had no idea about this guy’s positions either, and it doesn’t matter anyway because any concern about this at all is a ‘distraction’ from his campaign.

And let me try to explain one other thing. I’ve attended two churches regularly throughout my life. In about 25 years of attendance, there is one thing that I can guarantee: It only takes about two years of regular attendance to get a pretty clear understanding of what the church is like, and what the pastor’s and leadership’s stance on issues are.

In fact – I would even say that it’s dangerous and irresponsible to sit through more than a couple sermons without knowing where the church and pastor stands. Unless, of course, your view of church is just blindly accepting whatever they tell you (another commonly believed myth about Christians).

Either way, what I’m getting at here is that I find it totally unbelievable that Sen. Obama went to a church for 20 years that allows this sort of absolute garbage from the pulpit and never knew it. I recall one time that a guest was invited to our church who turned out to be a raving apocalyptic crazy (He talked about these absurd conspiracies with the Pres. Bush Senior trying to instigate a one world government, and how him and his wife weren’t having children because the end was near, and how we should buy his book so that we could be prepared for the end. It was all bullcrap.). If I remember correctly, our head pastor was pretty much horrified and devoted the entire next service to apologizing and taking questions, even though the nut-job guy didn’t even preach (he just had a table set up in the church lobby).

In sharp contrast, it would appear that Sen. Obama’s former church doesn’t seem to be all that offended by these white racist types. Note the introduction and outro the new Trinity pastor gives this idiot:

And you are going to tell me with a straight face that Barack Obama attended this church for 20 years and knew nothing, heard nothing, had no concept of this filth that Trinity seems to cheer about?


UPDATE: I guess Obama was cool with earmarking 100 Grand to this baffoon:

“Typical of Mr. Obama’s earmarks was a $100,000 grant for a youth center at a Catholic church run by the Rev. Michael Pfleger, a controversial priest who was one of the few South Side clergymen to back Mr. Obama against Mr. Rush.

Father Pfleger has long worked with South Side political leaders to reduce crime and improve the community. But he has drawn fire from some quarters for defending theNation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and inviting him to speak at his church.”

File this under: Great displays of Judgement.


One Response to ““She wasn’t the only one crying…There was a whole lot of white people crying.””

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