A Global Warming Tutorial

I think that this should be a required tutorial for anyone, especially media personalities, before they are allowed to discuss anthropomorphic global warming (now often simply called ‘climate change’ – because it turns out the earth wasn’t warming like they thought.)

The reason that this should be required is because it is a widely held view that all scientist are in agreement that man is responsible for causing drastic, dangerous, and irreparable damage to the earths climate.

This just isn’t the case.

Here are five tests concerning the hypothesis that there is “dangerous human-caused global warming” occurring – presented by Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University in Australia:

  1. Has global temperature warmed over the last few years?
  2. Is today’s global temperature unnaturally high?
  3. Does CO2 output correlate with temperature change?
  4. Does CO2 lead or lag temperature change?
  5. Does the pattern of temperature change match theoretical predictions of greenhouse warming?

Video responses to these questions follows:

Original videos moved. Here are the four parts from a different lecture (same guy) that also answer the 5 questions above. Just listen to them if you cannot watch.

Do these tests definitely prove there is no such thing as anthropomorphic global warming? No. But they at least present a fairly strong argument that there isn’t a scientific consensus. In other words, the science is not ‘closed.

Note that this is not an argument against conserving energy and being less wasteful. I think those are great things. However – I strongly oppose being forced to do something by the government based on junk science. 

I’ve posted much about this topic. Here are some links. I am not, in any way, asking you to 100% agree. But please at least consider these arguments:




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