My Issue with Obama: Government Cannot Fix Souls.


Listen to these excerpts from a speech by Michelle Obama…

The clip above is a little lengthy, but it brings clarity to some of the aspects of the Obama platform that I think are very important for people to hear. If you don’t have time for the clip above – please, at least, listen to the one below which is the most crucial cut of them all.

Hugh couldn’t have said it better: Governments do not fix souls! They don’t create good souls. They don’t make bad souls better. They don’t make good people. By soul, I can only imagine that Michelle means that people have lost their will to do goodness to one another. That’s fine – and I agree, though I happen to think the problem is our culture – not our government. But again, Governments cannot, and will not ever make a society of people “better” or make them good people. A Government can ONLY provide (or hinder) freedom for it’s citizens to choose to do good or evil (providing incentive for good and punishment for evil).

If this problem of soul or “goodness in America” is what the Obama camp thinks they can fix through government – then I must say, regardless that he is a nice man and a good speaker, I will never…ever…vote for Barak Obama.

[ht: Hugh Hewitt]


One Response to “My Issue with Obama: Government Cannot Fix Souls.”

  1. Bob Says:

    The problem I have is if any spouse of any other candidate (including but most importantly Bill Clinton) had said some of the things that Michelle Obama has said that is all we would have been talking about. Even before South Carolina a lot of what she said was more out there than what Bill had said but he was getting all the bad press.

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