McCain on the Democratic Candidates

The other day he said:

“They will promise a new approach to governing, but offer the policies of a political orthodoxy that insists the solution to government’s failures, is to simply make it bigger.”

Bravo McCain!

That’s right on the money in my book. As far as political orthodoxy goes, name one area where Sen. “Change” Obama differs with Sen. Kennedy (who’s 75)? And next, concerning government failures – What are the democratic positions: Government schools are failing? Increase the budget on government schools. Our health care system is failing (ultimately because the government meddled with the system early on and created tremendous bureaucracy)? Hand the whole system over to the government.

This couples nicely with this other disastrous news form USA Today:

The cost of government benefits for seniors soared to a record $27,289 per senior in 2007, according to a USA TODAY analysis.

That’s a 24% increase above the inflation rate since 2000. Medical costs are the biggest reason. Last year, for the first time, health care and nursing homes cost the government more than Social Security payments for seniors age 65 and older. The average Social Security benefit per senior in 2007 was $13,184. …

The federal government spent $952 billion in 2007 on elderly benefits, up from $601 billion in 2000. It’s the biggest function of the federal government. States chipped in another $27 billion in 2007, mostly for nursing homes.

What do you think the democratic candidates answer to this will be? I’ll give you a hint: You end up paying. Period.


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