Mark Steyn Speech at CPAC

In my opinion, there is n0-one who communicates conservative ideas more eloquently or with a better sense of humor than Mark Steyn. You can click the image below to watch a video of his great speech at the recent CPAC 2008. Enjoy.

CPAC - Mark Steyn

Bonus: And here is yet another brilliant speech by Newt Gingrich about conservative philosophy and the movement as a whole.  I highly recommend this to anyone who may not really understand what conservatism is about. For instance, If most the things you know about conservatives you learned watching TV, Movies, or reading comments on – I hate to break it to you, but you know nothing (or very little) about what conservative ideas are really about. If that’s you, or you are just curious about what conservatives really believe (more importantly, why the believe the things they do) – give Mark Steyns video a watch as well as the one below.

Newt Gingrich - CPAC 2008


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