Middle Class Americans Sure Are Being Squeezed Today…

…At least, that’s what you’d think if you watch or read the news…

This clip, however, points out something that I have been observing for a while: The so-called “middle class squeeze” depends greatly on your perspective. What we don’t realize so readily, is that our perspective is greatly shaped by the sources from which we take in information. Just as they point out, as far as news goes – Doom & Gloom is what sells – not the other way round.

It’s refreshing to hear some real perspective on the issue. Click the image below to watch:


If you haven’t already noticed – this is how the media covers nearly all issues. So the next time you hear some talking head proclaiming doom and gloom over any issue (Iraq, the economy, education, the housing market, the “disparaged middle class”…), be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

Also, whatever side of the isle you’re on – keep this in mind when you hear politicians promising, “relief for the middle class.” Is that the reality of the situation…or is that just a perspective based on media hype? Ask yourself, are you the middle class? If you feel like you are needing relief, could that be based on my own choices and perspective?

Also – as a side note: Whenever you hear someone talking about “the America Dream,” this is another opportunity to ask yourself – Just what is the American Dream? If your answer contains, “making money,” or, “owning stuff,” – I’m sorry to say it, but you’ve been duped. This is another area where the media has shifted our perception.

The American Dream entails living your life free to pursue your own dreams, neither hindered, nor aided by government. (Obviously, this isn’t a free pass to do whatever you want. For instance, you cannot pursue your dream if it hinders or harms someone else.) Likely, most people’s dreams revolve around finding some form of happiness. But anyone who has lived at all could tell you that happiness has little, if anything, to do with having tons of money or buying a bunch of crap.

So the next time someone starts blabbing about how the American Dream is being crushed, or that it’s the source of all the evil in the world, or that a certain people group are being deprived of it – kindly ask that person (or yourself), What “American Dream” are they really talking about? Most likely, someone who views the American Dream as some negative thing – or something that is being stomped upon – doesn’t know what the concept of “The American Dream” really is.


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