Sorry, but this is true:

The man is likable and there is no denying that – but what exactly is it that will make him a good president?

Tonight, he was talking about the economy and how he was going to build it up from the bottom to the top rather than the other way around. I know Sen. Obama’s statement was mostly a sound bite because of time, but if you compared it to Romney’s response, it was kiddie-pool economics meets swimming coach. Job creation is what creates wealth and helps the economy. To do that, you cannot start at the bottom. Plain and simple.


2 Responses to “Sorry, but this is true:”

  1. Carrie Says:

    I really like this clip, Dennis and I couldn’t think of anything Obama has accomplished. It is wonderful to have a good personality, but what will that do for our country?

  2. whatthecrap? Says:

    Boy, you said it. Any time anyone brings up Obama they start talking about how he is the candidate of “hope” and “change.”

    And what does that mean? I “hope” that he agrees with me on issues, which of course – he almost universally does not. And as far as change goes, everything of substance he has mentioned (which is little) is actually not change at all – it’s big government socialism. News flash to voters – that’s the kind of garbage that sucked about President Bush.

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