Merry Christmas from John Edwards

…except hold the “Merry” and um, be sure not to mention or allude to “Christmas.”

Wait…wasn’t that just an old advertisement for his law firm?

“Any problem you have will be rectified immediately by the government if you elect me. And even if that turns out to be totally unrealistic, unfeasible, and unfordable – At least I can help myself you make up an excuse to get bloody rich suing someones *** off. I’m John Edwards and I approve this message.”

The man can’t even lay off his pathetic negative platitudes long enough to run a Christmas ad. What a tool.

Update: SHOCKED AT HONESTY: I seriously have no words for the following…

Bryan at hotair put it best:

“My jaw dropped when I watched this one the first time. Hillary’s Christmas ad says nothing at all about Christmas. The gifts make the connection, of course, but check out what the gifts are: universal health care, bring the troops home, etc. All of the gifts are funded in one way or another with your money. And she’s portraying herself as a thoughtful gift-giver by taking your money and giving it back to you in the form of expensive government programs, some or all of which you might not actually want or need. If that doesn’t typify liberal thinking, I don’t know what does.”


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