Ron Paul Recieves The Dreaded…Jar-Jar Endorsement.

JarJar & Paul

When asked his reasoning for endorsement Mr. Binks told reporters, “Da day start okeday wit da sunnup. Me tinken bout’ WTC7. Den, Boom! Chem Trails every which way, dey flyen, dey scooten… Me get bery scared. Den me seesin’ the Ron Paul Blimp! Mesa here!” Mr. Binks went on to add, “Ron Paul no giben up witout a fight. Wesa warriors! Wesa got a gwand army. Dats why yousa no liken us, I tink.”

I guess this really seals the deal for me…

Oh…along with this fine specimen of craptitude:

Besides the Ron Paul Blimp nearly crashing into the sun several times, be sure to note the gigantic vacuous cloud of space gas towards the middle of the piece. A cunning Allegory? No, I’m afraid that’s just a bit too clever for this piece’s pay grade. Plus, be sure not to miss out on the nutter CFR conspiracy garbage at the end.

The real question is: When Ron Paul looses the nomination, and the following election -which is what will happen- what will these people do with their lives? Have to get serious about their homework and chores?

What? Still on the fence? Well, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to reveal something this blatantly damning but…

Ron Paul also thinks Greedo shot first.

I know. Double Ouch.


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