Meet Mr. Edwards

Of all the Democratic candidates, there is one who’s logic I absolutely cannot pretend to comprehend. That person is Senator John Edwards. This is his latest ad on Health Care:

I’m sorry, What?!? I don’t think I’ve heard, to date, a candidate say something so nonsensical.

Allow Dennis Prager to unpack some of his ideas below:

Just in case you mind wasn’t boggled enough by the above comments – consider this quote Senator Edwards made at a recent debate:

“Thirty-five million Americans last year went hungry. . . .This [election] is about those 35 million people who are hungry every single year.”

Wow. In America, 35 million people are hungry every single year? What kind of hungry? Starving?

Oh wait, was he talking about this report:

Prager again: “…a U.S. Department of Agriculture Report said that about 35 million Americans experienced “household food insecurity” in 2006. That term does not, the USDA emphasized, mean hunger, but being forced to reduce “variety in their diets” or eat a “few basic foods” at various times of the year.” source

Here’s a footnote from the report (I’ve italicized some special words…):

“Food security and insecurity, as measured for this report, are based on respondent perceptions of whether the household was able to obtain enough food to meet their needs. The measure does not specifically address whether the household’s food intake was sufficient for active, healthy lives. Nonetheless, research based on other surveys has found food security, measured as in this report, to be associated with health, nutrition, and children’s development in a manner that generally supports the conceptualized link with sufficiency for active, healthy lives.”

Just in case you didn’t know – Until he moved to the Senate, Edwards was a personal injury lawyer. I guess it takes a lawyer to equate someones perception about their ability to obtain what could potentially be linked with enough food for an “active, healthy life” …with going hungry.

Exit question: Since we were just talking about perceptions, what do you think the average voters perception would be when you say something like “Thirty-five million Americans last year went hungry?”


2 Responses to “Meet Mr. Edwards”

  1. Tim Says:

    What child in this country is not worth the free donuts? You’re going to sit at a table with Krispy Creme and Dunkin Donuts and they are going to give away their donuts? No, you have to take their donuts from them.

  2. The #1 cause of injury, disability, and DEATH in America is, Health Care. « What The Crap? - Says:

    […] I would have gone for ***!!!DEATH!!!*** Plus, got a source for that statistic? Or is this another John Edwards statistic…) More people die now from contact (What, Like physical contact?) with the American Medical […]

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