Rosie and The Olbersissy

For those of you Rosie fans that are still clinging to some hope that she has credibility…

“…and hey, Keith Olbermann — the best news show on TV. If you’re only going to watch one, watch that guy. Important stuff he’s saying every night. Bravo – Keith Olbermann.” –Rosie

(Emphasis mine.)

…and there is goes swirling down the toilet.

In case you don’t know – Keith Olbermann’s show is mostly comprised of character assassinations, ad hominem attacks, and bold faced lies. He has no counter opinion on his show because his points are usually so pathetic even a rookie debater could demolish them. Nor does he accept challenges to actually talk with the people who he slanders on his own show.


What happens when you get a sportscaster thrust into reporting news?

More at Olbermann Watch.


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