Media ‘Nifonginates’ the Jena 6 Story

I ran across this article yesterday. It has become quite clear that the media will stop at nothing to get a story, even when that means destroying innocent peoples lives. As with the Duke Lacrosse non-atrocity, the media jump like a feral beast (as did Mike Nifong) on any story where a white person may potentially be portrayed as racist. Naturally – I would commend this – If the facts of the story were true!

This article recounts the outright fables being spun by the media about this case from a local journalist’s perspective (I’ve clipped out some of the main points and added emphasis – each of the points below has a full explanation in the article which you need to read.):


Media myths about the Jena 6

By now, almost everyone in America has heard of Jena, La., because they’ve all heard the story of the “Jena 6.” White students hanging nooses barely punished, a schoolyard fight, excessive punishment for the six black attackers, racist local officials, public outrage and protests – the outside media made sure everyone knew the basics.

There’s just one problem: The media got most of the basics wrong. In fact, I have never before witnessed such a disgrace in professional journalism. Myths replaced facts, and journalists abdicated their solemn duty to investigate every claim because they were seduced by a powerfully appealing but false narrative of racial injustice.

  1. Myth 1: The Whites-Only Tree. There has never been a “whites-only” tree at Jena High School…
  2. Myth 2: Nooses a Signal to Black Students. …According to the expulsion committee, the crudely constructed nooses were not aimed at black students. Instead, they were understood to be a prank by three white students aimed at their fellow white friends, members of the school rodeo team…
  3. Myth 3: Nooses Were a Hate Crime. Although many believe the three white students should have been prosecuted for a hate crime for hanging the nooses, the incident did not meet the legal criteria for a federal hate crime.
  4. Myth 4: DA’s Threat to Black Students. …he did not tell black students that he could make their life miserable with “the stroke of a pen.”…
  5. Myth 5: The Fair Barn Party Incident. …a private party – not an all-white party as reported…
  6. Myth 6: The “Gotta-Go” Grocery Incident. …The two parties gave conflicting statements to police. However, two unrelated eye witnesses of the event gave statements that corresponded with that of the white male…
  7. Myth 7: The Schoolyard Fight. …The event on Dec. 4, 2006 was consistently labeled a “schoolyard fight.” But witnesses described something much more horrific. Several black students, including those now known as the Jena 6, barricaded an exit to the school’s gym as they lay in wait for Justin Barker to exit. (It remains unclear why Mr. Barker was specifically targeted.)…
  8. Myth 8: The Attack Is Linked to the Nooses. …Nowhere in any of the evidence, including statements by witnesses and defendants, is there any reference to the noose incident that occurred three months prior….
  9. Myth 9: Mychal Bell’s All-White Jury. …While it is true that Mychal Bell was convicted as an adult by an all-white jury in June (a conviction that was later overturned with his case sent to juvenile court), the jury selection process was completely legal and withstood an investigation by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division….
  10. Myth 10: Jena 6 as Model Youth. …Bell had at least four prior violent-crime arrests before the December attack, and was on probation during most of this year….
  11. Myth 11: Jena Is One of the Most Racist Towns in America. …Jena is a wonderful place to live for both whites and blacks. The media’s distortion and outright lies concerning the case have given this rural Louisiana town a label it doesn’t deserve….
  12. Myth 12: Two Levels of Justice. …Outside protesters were convinced that the prosecution of the Jena 6 was proof of a racially biased system of justice. But the US Justice Department’s investigation found no evidence to support such a claim. In fact, the percentage of blacks and whites prosecuted matches the parish’s population statistics….



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