E Pluribus Unam – ‘out of many (is) one’

It’s not too often I go after Conservatives, but today was a great opportunity. I left this comment on a conservative site where a couple of people (and they were the minority – but still…) actually seemed to be cheering the destruction of peoples homes in the California fires, who could hypothetically be a part of the far left.

I think that is despicable. Here is some of what I wrote:

[Regular Listeners of Glenn Beck] …obviously know(s) that he doesn’t wish for anyone’s house to be burned down.

Neither should people who comment here. That’s DailyKos/HuffPo level craptalk and it’s despicable. That kind of garbage is exactly what this site, and conservatives in general, Don’t Need!

Look, these Libs are free to say and believe whatever the crap they choose – no matter how stupid. I would fight for their right to do so because, believe it or not – these people are Americans (no matter how baseless and ridiculous their beliefs may be). I would expect the firefighters to work just as hard to save Sean Penn’s house, as my own.

As the Left, the MSM, and the likes of Media Matters work to divide, we must work to unite. We must spend our energy attacking the foundation of their views – not the view-holders, in an attempt to help them understand conservative ideas. There’s already plenty of misinformation/excrement about conservatives being spread around. Getting people to change their opinion is already hard enough. What helped me change my opinion was becoming informed, not enraged.

Anyway, sorry ’bout the massive rant. I just feel like this kind of crap just turns off more Liberals to conservative thinking, which is exactly what America doesn’t need.


You can see the whole thing in context here.

I hope that you can see my point here. It is not my hope to attack people with whom I disagree. The foundations and the reasons why you and I believe things though, are fair game. This is what makes America stand apart as a nation. Out of many (viewpoints, religions, races, etc…) – One. As soon as we walk away from this concept, our creditability as Conservatives and Liberals, vanishes.


One Response to “E Pluribus Unam – ‘out of many (is) one’”

  1. Jon Swift Says:

    I think you are misunderstanding Beck’s point. He wants Americans to come together — even Democrats — to burn down the houses of people who really do hate America.

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