Marcus Luttrell, Author of ‘Lone Survivor’

This guy’s story is remarkable. If you haven’t heard it yet you can click the image below to watch a lengthy interview with him. I have also included the subtext from Brietbart. Be certain to check out Marcus’ story if you really want to know what is going on in Iraq.


Marcus Luttrell and his three buddies had to make an impossible decision. Afghani goat herders disrupted their secret mission to track a Taliban leader. Killing them would be a violation of the ROE (Rules of Engagement). Holding them would reveal their position. Letting them go would likely bring the Taliban upon them. Luttrell, who’s riveting new book ‘Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10’ is fast top seller, talks to in front of the U.S. Capitol about courage, the consequence of decisions, and the meaning of his Navy Cross.

You can pick up his book here on Amazon:

Lone Survivor


13 Responses to “Marcus Luttrell, Author of ‘Lone Survivor’”

  1. Rob "Bubblehead"Hoff Says:

    Lone Survivor has got to be one of the poorest reads I have managed to make it through in quite a while, totally full of jingoistic dogma which I find offensive and way off mark – really, really distracts.

    As with the other reviews one will find on this book I do not wish to denigrate the lost souls of Seal Team 10 – these guys put up a helluva fight and I have the utmost respect for them – truly highlights the superior training, however, having said that the book boils down to maybe seventy pages – from the insertion to full contact compromised, and the loss of the Team, the rest of the book is wasted pulp – blather!!.

    Those seventy pages left me filled with questions relating to the Team’s SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) such as why a four man team was used when the intel was telling them there were up to a couple hundred hostiles in the area. The six man team has repeatedly been shown to be more effective – two more guns may have made the difference, especially if a SAW and a grenade launcher had been included (google Squad Automatic Weapon & M 203 grenade launcher), a few white phosphorous rounds definitely would have bought some breathing room.

    Marcus describes the reconnaissance point as a promontory which is the last place where someone hiding wants to be, they were on a ridge with at least one high speed trail, there was at least one hut in the area, the way it is written when they turned the goatherds loose they nonchalantly followed them up the mountain to another hide in full view of any observer. This whole section made me think fubar. SOP dictates the Team leader to do a fly over rather than just a photo and map study – this may have been out of the question for one reason or another, regardless there was no mention of an E&E plan (escape and evasion) and why did comms fail? Blah blah blah – one thing after another that may or may not have been done properly but the book definitely reads like it wasn’t. Why is there no mention of Mako-30 and the death of Neil Roberts? the skeptic in me wonders if the media is scrambling for another Jessica Lynch story coming into an election year.

    One thing that the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts have in common is the difficulty in remaining undetected during reconnaissance missions (Bravo Two Zero for instance 1st gulf), patrol technique has got to be highly modified, one would think this may have been addressed in detail or at least hypothetically somewhere in the book, maybe this is possibly classified – one would do well to study the movements of the snow leopard native to the mountains of Afghanistan, camouflage is critical – not a mention? The pattern exists for alpine rock –google roggenwolf.

    I don’t know, the way the book reads is smelly to me –not killing the goatherds was the proper choice – it appears that SOP was not adhered to. We have many experiences to learn from – Soviet in particular but the British experience in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as well – both were losers, we in turn will more than likely be a loser – they and we do not understand and appreciate the tribal mentality – we are the bull in the china shop. Please read the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Gertrude Bell -Queen of the Desert, also many accounts from climbing expeditions to this area have good insight into the Pashtun mentality.

    Prosit absent Companions,


    • S. Donohoe Says:

      Shut up, Raca.

    • ANavyWife Says:

      Dear Bubblehead,
      You are an idiot.
      In your worthless opinion the book could be condensed to 70 pages, huh? Exactly what parts would you omit? Would you remove the details of the intense preparation these warriors go through? Or perhaps you would remove the details about the battles that Mr. Luttrell and his SEAL team endured, ultimately resulting in three deaths? Or maybe the loyalty displayed by their fellow soldiers, willing to risk their lives to save a fallen brother. Do you have such little respect for our soldiers and the incredible sacrifices that they make? Oh, let me guess… you just want the “Cliff Notes” version and don’t want to be bothered with the details?
      I have an idea Bubblehead. You show up in Coronado for SEAL training and let them put you through the course. Should you survive, which we all know you wouldn’t, you can write us again with a different perspective. Oh wait! But then we should ship YOU off to Afghanistan so you can demonstrate your superior recon capabilities. I’m guessing the Taliban would have a ball with you.

      And one more thing, Bubblehead…. you are an idiot.


  2. Dude Says:

    Bobblehead, Why does your review sound more like a repremand of the mission and its tactics instead of a book review? Luttrell explained it was a recon mission (so a larger team might compromis the mission), and they didn’t bring the 60 gun up there because they had to hike miles and miles over very hilly terrain. All of this aside, I thought it was a good book, and expressed the feelings and thoughts of the author….his own personal thoughts….

  3. Peye Says:

    Bobblehead is correct on every count. The book’s content is its strength, but the writing is all over the place, the ghost writer did not do his job well. I did have some thoughts on executing the goatherds; if they are going straight back with intel for the enemy, does that not make them combatants? Tough choice.

  4. Dare Says:

    Bobblehead it is quite apparent that you have never served in the armed services. If you had you would not have written that review. Before you go belittling SOPS and all the other things maybe you should join the military and go through a firefight like the one Mark did and maybe just maybe you will have more respect and actually be able to understand better. It sounds to me like you have no clue what our brave men and women go through over there. They gave it their darnest with what they and all of the them with the except Mark gave their life for their country and for you. SHOW MORE RESPECT Mark is not a writer he is a military don’t expect him to write like a friggin novelist.

  5. soapyman Says:

    hey BOBBLEHEAD, have you ever heard of the saying , hindsight is twenty – twenty? I really take offense to your comments in your two cent review of Lone Survivor. As another person wrote it is very obvious that you haven’t spent one day in the U.S armed force. I think you might have been turned off to the book by Mr. Luttrells’ comments of liberals. I would bet my neck you wouldnt have a pair to tell Mr. Luttrell what you think of his book to his face! People such as yourself absolutely make me sick!

  6. Flyer Says:

    Bobblehead has pasted this blather all over the internet. Sounds like an armchair SOCOM warrior wannabe.

  7. lila Says:

    Ha bubblehead, why dont you go serve your country and then you can talk trash. My husband is serving in Iraq right now protecting your country so you can talk trash about things you have no clue about. Find a different story to trash, this man lost all his friends and lived to tell the story. Great book ill pass it to my grandchildren! Get a life!

  8. Greg Vital Says:

    The whole purpose of the beginning of his book is to put the reader into the mindset of the operators mentality but because alot of you people have never served their country, you can never fathom what the situations are like. There most probably was other Intell performed on the Area of operation but that info is classified. and I could not find one area or subect matter in the book that would disgust anyone. It is obvious that buuble head truely is in fact a …bubble head.
    Good Luck and Gods Speed to you Mr Lutrell where ever you are.

  9. Phil Says:

    You remind me of one of those guys with a beer gut that lays on the couch and plays fantasy football. Quick to criticize but couldn’t run a mile or even bench press his own body weight.

    Have you served in the military? Doubt it. If you had you would give a Navy Seal the respect he deserves. These guys don’t have to embellish. They have no one to impress. They only have to take care of their buddy and continue to provide the blanket of freedom that all Americans live under.

    Keep your review to yourself, cause frankly I doubt anyone cares what you think.

  10. Darla Says:

    I just finished reading “Lone Survivor.” I am a veteran and, as such, can relate and enjoy military novels and historical writings. I throughly enjoyed Marcus Lutrell’s book. I thank him for outlining the SEAL training. I have always respected the special forces (I was married to a Green Beret) but this brought the training and discipline necessary in today’s military to light in a way that inspires and makes me doubly proud of our men and women in uniform. My admiration of Mr. Lutrell and all SEALs is beyond words. This book tells exactly what the men must go through both mentally and physically and I can’t say enough about my admiration of all of them. When I hear of SEALs and their accomplishments in the future, because of Lutrell’s book, I know that I will have a more personal understanding of what they have done.

    I am so proud of our military and the life they choose to live on our behalf.

  11. John Phillips Says:

    Bobblehead is what those of us who have served call, an “armchair warrior,” spreading his blather and somehow thinking the video games he plays constitutes real heroism. Give me and my buddies five minutes with him in a real combat situation and we’ll find out who reigns supreme.


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