Bumped: Science Cannot Be Closed. UPDATE: Video Rebuttal Added

Any time that you hear someone proclaim that, “The science is closed,” on an issue, you have immediate cause to be skeptical. Why? Because science cannot be closed.

Science follows a method of testing and observation. In the end, Science can only tell you what is most likely to happen, under a certain specific set of circumstances.

This is exactly the problem that I have with Al Gore, and the entire Human Caused Global Warming movement. The attempt to say that no-one disagrees and that there are no inaccuracies, or differing theories (to me) is a huge indicator of just how totally political and un-scientific the movement has become.


(sigh…) Apple: Think Different. PC: Think Rational? It’s possible to like a product and dislike a company, right?

I want to also point out one huge thing here. Unlike the way some people hold a totally irrational hatred and loathing of President Bush, I harbor no hatred or ill will towards Al Gore. How could I? I don’t know the man. He hasn’t spitefully wronged me. I do, however, strongly disagree with both his premise and conclusions in regard to man caused Global Warming. And I will venture to say that, I hate that the environmental movement has become a propaganda, and hysteria based sudo-religion.

I was greatly disappointed (thought not at all surprised) the other day when I heard about Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Not disappointed in the fact that Gore won something, only seeing how absurdly meaningless the Peace Prize had become. The fact that someone (or anyone) who has done nothing more than “raise awareness” about an issue that is highly controversial, and far from settled, all the time claiming that it is not, can win a Nobel Peace Prize – is astonishingly bereft of sense.

So today, as a tribute to the intellectually flaccid, and meaningless Peace Prize council, I will provide you with a few links and clips of intelligent people, who happen to have a differing viewpoint. That’s right – the very viewpoints that the environmental movement and Al Gore, claim, do not exist. That way – rather than letting the media and Al Gore choose your opinion for you, you can decide for yourself how closed the science is:

Here is a great audio segment talking about the other point of view.

[h/t: Bill Bennet]

UPDATE: Ha! I wrote this post before I saw this today:


5 Responses to “Bumped: Science Cannot Be Closed. UPDATE: Video Rebuttal Added”

  1. Matt Turkington Says:

    And there’s the one redeeming thing about ABC…

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