WTC? Dances to Raise Awareness about Dancing


Yeah…what the?

Can anyone tell just what exactly “Raising Awareness” does for anyone? Everyday I hear about some celebrity that is going to ______________ to “raise awareness.” Are there a lot of people in this country who have a low level of awareness?

For Example: Is anyone still unaware that smoking is not good for your health? Anyone at all?

Furthermore – once we are all “aware” – Then What?!? The U.N. was very aware about what was going on in Darfur – did that make any difference whatsoever? Angelina Jolee adopted six or seven hundred foreign children, the whole time parading around to “raise awareness.” And the result has been?

The fact of the matter is, “Raising Awareness” has become just another pointless euphemism for bragging about how important you are because you care about _______.

The problem is that people wish to feel good about things – rather than do good. It’s the motto of our time: “Do what feels good.”

Meanwhile, true leaders, the ‘Do-ers,’ silently go on doing the truly great things around the world…


One Response to “WTC? Dances to Raise Awareness about Dancing”

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