Pelosi Rebukes Stark.

You know, I’ll be the first one to say that I heartily disagree with Nancy Pelosi on just about every major issue, but today she did something right.

“While members of Congress are passionate about their views, what Congressman Stark said during the debate was inappropriate and distracted from the seriousness of the subject at hand—providing health care for America’s children,” Pelosi said.

She is referring to this remark that I posted about earlier. Though I may have a vastly different view of the ways to help American children, at least I can somewhat agree with her on what a civilized discourse is. Congressman Stark’s comment however, was on more along the lines of a childish wimpy  baby whiny tantrum. People who say things like this deserve to be rebuked and I commend Pelosi for it. (Of course, the Kos Overmind will not be pleased…).


Sadly, nothing of the sort happened when The View’s recently spanked baboon’s arse, Joy Behar, made a remark about Ann Coulter saying, “This a woman who thinks ‘Schindler’s List’ is a comedy, okay?”

The fact that the audience didn’t break out into raucous boos is a sign that the intellectual degree of The View has reached sub-cesspool levels. Not only did Behar’s remark go unchallenged (which was entirely spiteful and –ready for this– Intolerant.)- the entire premise (that Coulter made an anti-semitic remark, which she didn’t) of the panel remained unchallenged. Clearly, the panel of The View is filled with a bunch of bungling ninnies that exist solely to make uneducated points, rather than to seek clarity. Ironically – this make The View completely meaningless and worthless.

Coincidentally, here’s some clarity about Coulter’s remark. Nobody states it better than Prager (himself a Jew):

As a practicing Jew, I do not agree with Ann Coulter’s theology any more than those attacking her do. But I am neither offended by her nor frightened by her or her beliefs. She believes that Christianity is better than Judaism. So what? Why is that in any way different from liberals thinking that liberalism is truer and morally superior to conservatism? Or conservatives thinking that their values are superior to liberal values?

Read Prager’s full article

In summary – Yay for Pelosi, at least you understand decency and showed the fortitude to call Stark to the carpet. Boo on the moronic self-depricating sewage that is: The View.


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