OSU Coach Unloads on the Media

This is OSU (not to be confused with OS…) coach Mike Gundy unloading both barrels on some media twit’s column that (as Bryan at HotAir puts it) pretty much calls OSU star Bobby Reid a chicken-eating momma’s boy.

I agree with the coaches anger at this and I think he is making some good points. As a side note though, like Bryan said, a 21 year old – is not a kid. I think it’s ridiculous how the age of adolescence in this country just keeps getting larger and larger. You know – the old, 12 year old girls are old enough to make adult decisions about aborting children – but 18-25 year olds fighting in Iraq are just “the Kids we need to bring home.” Still – Jenni Carlson’s article was really harsh.

That’s all beside the point. What I like about Mike Gundy’s rant is, this is basically how I feel about the rest of the media in general. Most stories are written to drum up emotional hysteria rather than understand truth. This is a massive disservice to the public. The “Don’t Taze Me Bro” incident was a prime example of this. All they showed on TV was the spectacle: Some dude being Tazed by the cops. Was there ever any context to the situation shown? How about the entire video clip? How about trying to understand events, rather than spectacles? How about the truth for once?

As Gundy says, “That’s why I don’t read the newspaper. Because it’s Garbage.”


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