Dan Rather Reporting Stories That ‘Aren’t Proven Fake’

Hello? Does anyone else see the problem with what he is saying? You don’t report something as true because it hasn’t been proven to be false (in this case – that’s not even true – anyone with a clue can easily tell the documents were faked – Do I seriously have to link to the documents again?). You report things that have been proven to be true. But like I was saying yesterday, the media doesn’t care about truth or understanding. All they care for is the bloody screaming spectacle, because that’s what people watch.

And yet, here you have Mary Mapes defending Rather:

In September 2004, anyone who had the audacity to even ask impertinent questions about the president was certain to be figuratively kicked in the head by the usual suspects.

What was different in our case was the brand new and bruising power of the conservative blogosphere, particularly the extremists among them. They formed a tightly knit community of keyboard assault artists who saw themselves as avenging angels of the right, determined to root out and decimate anything they believed to be disruptive to their worldview…

Instantly, the far right blogosphere bully boys pronounced themselves experts on document analysis, and began attacking the form and font in the memos. They screamed objections that ultimately proved to have no basis in fact. But they captured the argument. They dominated the discussion by churning out gigabytes of mind-numbing internet dissertations about the typeface in the memos, focusing on the curl at the end of the “a,” the dip on the top of the “t,” the spacing, the superscript, which typewriters were used in the military in 1972.

What a typical arrogant media elite response. I’ll just blame those dang conservative ‘bully boys.’ Is this not exactly what I was talking about in the Petraeus post?!? She’s not arguing about the truth and/or facts of the story (which is what the bloggers were trying to point out), she’s upset because anyone would have the gall to actually question the high and mighty media.

Maybe seeing the hard facts once wasn’t enough. I’ll post this again:

Still not convinced? Read This Post: The Bully Boys of the Interenet Here’s an excerpt:

And typography was the least of the issues with the memos. The signatures of Jerry Killian turned out to be forged, for one thing, not unexpected when Burkett created them out of thin air. The format of the memos didn’t match the Air Force standards in place at the time. They referenced military standards that didn’t exist. They demanded that Bush take a physical exam well before his requirement date. The story they reported was that a general pressured Bush’s commander to deep-six his concerns, when the general with supposed Bush connections had retired eighteen months before these memos were written. And so on, and so on.


Bully boys of the Internet? We asked tough questions and did our own fact-checking. In times past, that’s what investigative journalists used to do, before some of them decided to use their power in the media to become hacks and smear artists. Mapes, Rather, and their ilk (fortunately a minority in the profession) cannot abide having Truth spoken to their Power, having to account for their corruption. Three years later, Mapes still thinks she’s above accountability.

Rather and Mapes are both going to end up looking like fools when CBS points to the actual facts about the case – the facts that the ‘new and bruising power of the conservative blogosphere’ came up within a couple hours sitting at home on their couches.


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