Al Gore : The Secular Savior

I caught this audio today because it was highlighting this crazy story:

Despite the cost, lunch in the 700-seat room at the Sydney Convention Centre was a sell-out, as is tomorrow’s event in Melbourne. VIP packages, which included a spot close to Mr Gore and a meet-and-greet with him, cost $25,000.

And this is exactly what I have been saying for a long time. Everyone feels the need for a savior. Religious folk choose to put their faith in God. Secular people choose men. It’s that simple. And this isn’t meant to be a slap in the face to secular folks at all. It’s just the truth.

The fact is the Environmental (Naturalism/Scientism as well) movement has become the new secular church.

  • In the beginning there was Nature = A god.
  • Nature created man = Evolution.
  • Man caused Global Warming = Sin.
  • Man’s savior = Al Gore + Others.
  • Carbon Offsets = Indulgences.
  • Anyone skeptical = Non-Believers/Heretics.

What do you think?


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